Written into the Sand

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Written into the Sand (2007)

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Acrylic with material on canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Price on application

Would it not do us good to let go of some of our worries, of the hustle and bustle of our society? Have you ever drawn or scribbled something into the sand when sitting on a beach? Did you notice that this helped you find peace and slow things down?
Such an exercise would do us good so that we can go through the day at a slower pace.
We could enjoy more. In our fast-paced time this picture would like to remind us not to forget how to let go. Sometimes just the thought will help as we cannot always be sitting on the beach to write something into the sand.

I hope these thoughts will accompany you during your work.


Written into the Sand - Greeting Card

Greeting Card

This work, as many others, is also available as a greeting card.

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